Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Letchworth State Park

As I've mentioned in my previous post, I do have an intense interest in bridges.  Now I must also confess that I am also filled with so much wonder and delight at the sight of trains, railroads, and waterfalls.  That is why I'd only be too happy to pay a visit to the Letchworth State Park in Castille, New York where I can marvel at a grand railroad trestle bridge overlooking a scenic waterfall.  I thank Josh for transporting me to that magnificent place through this postcard.  

"Letchworth State Park in Castille, New York covers 14,350 acres of land along the Genesee River.   The park is named after William Pryor Letchworth, who bequeathed the 1,000-acre estate that forms the heart of the park to New York State in 1906.
Standing high above the Genesee River just upstream of the Upper Falls is the Potage Bridge. The present trestle replaced an earlier wooden structure which when built in 1852 was the World’s tallest wooden structure."  (Source:Wikipedia Article)

It would have been a treat to see a train crossing the Postage bridge, but I believe that the same was ordered closed in 2009 due to structural damage.  You may read more about the Postage Bridge and Letchworth Park's interesting history here.

The card came with three stamps, but I shall feature only the third.   The other two stamps, I believe, warrant a separate blog entry because they are much too interesting.  

The American Clock stamp was issued in 2003 as part of the American Design series.  It was reissued in 2006. The stamp features an artistic rendering of the dial of a clock designed by Simon Willard in 1805.  The clock was also commonly referred to as the banjo clock because of its shape and is considered as one of the most famous designs in American clock making.

Stay tuned for the post that will feature the rest of the stamps. 

Wishing you happy journeys...

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  1. Another one thing in common with us, I'm also crazy with bridges and this one is simply amazing!!!

  2. It still amazes me how countries abroad were able to take care of these nature parks. Why can't we do that here in our country?

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  3. this scenery's completely amazes me...look how high the bridge is and the waterfalls! Picture perfect!

  4. Hi Ciel! Thanks for coming by at my postcard blog and for dropping off a comment.

    This is simply awesome! Truly a perfect capture! Do we still have something like that here in the Philippines?

  5. I love to collect bridges too. and I think I have a few already. I want more. Happy to be here again. My PP Entry is here. Happy Postcrossing!

  6. Wow!!love the water..parang like ko na rin ang bridges..hehehe..
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    thanks much!

  7. Amzing!Now I have an idea of what to get you for a friendly swap^_^

    Thanks for dropping by!

  8. It's a beautiful card, sis! I wish i can be there at the bottom and would look up at this magnificent structure. I wonder too how would it feel like to jump up from the top to the bottom (bungee jump) am sure it would be a real excitung and blood pumping feeling. ^^

    Thank you for visiting and for the comment. ^^

  9. wow, that's a lovely would be great to see it someday! great post sis! happy postcrossing. :)