Monday, June 6, 2011

A Chinese Winter Interlude

Shuyang, a university student taking up Journalism, said she chose to send me this card because she read that the Philippines has no winter. She'd like for me to see the lovely snow-covered pine trees of Mt. Huang (Huangshan).

Huangshan, which literally translates to yellow mountain, is a UNESCO world heritage site located in the Anhui Province in eastern China. Due to its enchanting beauty, the mountain has become a frequent subject of traditional Chinese artwork, paintings, and literature. The great Tang dynasty poet, Li Bai, was so mesmerized by its alluring charm that he was naturally prompted to write a poem about his magical experience in the mountains.

Oh, how I'd love to see and experience the magic of the China's famous yellow mountain one day! Perhaps I, too, shall be inspired to write a lovely poem about Mt. Huang.

Xie xie, Shuyang! Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!

Wishing you happy journeys...


  1. Good day, following you here and adding you in my blogroll, hope you can do the same,

    thanks much.

  2. Winter is beautiful It is all white but it's tiring too.

  3. @melandria: i added your site already. :)

    @haze: i have yet to experience winter. i think i'll freeze to death. i have a very low tolerance pag dating sa lamig. :)

  4. nice postcard! :D

    hope you can add my site on your blog list too