Saturday, July 9, 2011

Palo Sebo

I was going through my postcard collection and this photo of two boys climbing a greased bamboo pole caught my attention. It made me reminisce about my childhood days and my much-anticipated visits to my maternal grandparents' province.

Palo Sebo or greased bamboo climbing is a traditional Filipino game usually played by boys during a town fiesta. A long bamboo pole is greased and polished to make it slippery. The contestants are given the chance to climb the pole and try to reach the small bag of goodies tied at the end of it. The one who succeeds in reaching and untying the price is declared the winner.
The game can also be played by setting up two or more bamboo poles along side each other. The contestants race to untie the flag attached at the top of his designated pole. The first one to grab the flag wins the game and is awarded a prize money.

Well, if you'd ask me if I ever tried climbing a bamboo pole when I was a kid, my answer is no. I can't even climb a tree back then. Haha!

Wishing you happy journeys...

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  1. I wonder if they still do that in every local town fiesta. I'd rather have this kind of stuff than watching a stupid parade call SaGAYla!

  2. Yeyyy, another Larong Pinoy! I used to watch palo sebo and other pa-kontes when we were living in Angono years ago. I agree with Postcard Perfect, games like this are more worth our while.
    I wonder if there are other traditional games on postcards?

  3. Oh no...this on postcard? I love this! Where did you purchase this card, sis?

    We still play palo sebo here in our campus and the probably the schedule is on august. Poor guys who play this. lol!

  4. @Mommy Willa: I think they still do in the provinces, but not in the big cities. I agree with you, we should promote our culture and traditions by holding local games like the palo sebo as much as we can.

    @Sreisaat: I think I saw some when I went to the museum of the Blanco family, but that was 13 years ago. I regret not having bought a lot of cards then. I have only two left. I'm going to feature them one of these days. :)

    @Arlene: I got the card from NBS. :)

  5. I think that's a fantastic postcard! I love that it shows a local custom and also it's such a great view.

  6. The way the camera captured this is amazing! Never had the chance to play or even witness this personally. But it sure does look fun.

    Visiting via Postcard Perfect. Here's my entry: Rizal Monument Execution

  7. now this is a one cool shot...wonderful!