Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Capela de S. Sebastião

This postcard was sent by José. It features the Chapel of San Sebastian in the rural village of Sousel, Alentejo, Portugal.

This card traveled approximately 12,182 km or 7,570 miles for 12 days. I tried consulting Mr. Google for specific details about this chapel, but my research didn't yield much information. It also turned out that Alentejo has a lot of chapels named San Sebastian.

Here's the information that I gathered. Please note that I enlisted the help of an online translator because the write up is in Portuguese.
"Legend has it that in the ancient time, a major epidemic struck the county of Sousel. In that time of great distress and anguish, the people prayered to St. Sebastian to save them. The townsfolk were deeply grateful that their prayers were answered so they built a chapel in honor of Saint Sebastian. The City Council also adopted a heraldic seal with the image of the martyr. Although it is not possible to ascertain the veracity of the aforesaid events, what is certain is that the image of St. Sebastian appears in ancient documents of the Sousel. The Session Room of City Hall also displays a beautiful embossed image of the martyr. The City of Sousel also organized, at least until the mid-nineteenth century, the Feast of St. Sebastian." - lifted from and translated using Google translate.
I adore the stamp that came along with the card. Isn't it charming?

Wishing you happy journeys...

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  1. Like what other have to say, Google doesn't know the answer for everything. :)
    Maybe it was an old churh ro something although the paint still make it new.

  2. There could have been a lot of churches with the same name. Old churches like this are located in some rural areas but it is still preserved for some interesting history.

  3. Found it! Google "Capela de S. Sebastião Sousel" and you'll find more details on it. :D

    Not much details on it, panay "heritage in religious architecture" lang ang info niya.

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  4. The stamp is charming indeed!I love to receive postcards with interesting stamps that comes with it^_^

    Thanks for dropping by!

    HAve a nice day^_^

  5. Portugal (and Spain, for this matter) is very similar with the Philippines when it comes to chapels. May pinagmanahan tayo. lol.

  6. Thanks for visiting, friends. :)
    @Gene: Thanks, Gene. I was trying to research about the details of the chapel, but I haven't found much. I want to know what the interior of the chapel looks like. :)

  7. thats a nice card, simple and neat...lovely stamp too! happy poscrossing! :)

  8. it would sure be interesting to know how it looks like on the inside...
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    here's my entry : Dubai, UAE

  9. I like this simple and neat....:) we called small churches in kapilya in Mindanao.

  10. If I haven't read, i thought this chapel's found in Philippines:)

    thanks for dropping by:)