Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Stamps: Spiritual Renewal

This is my first time to join Viridian's Sunday Stamps meme and I've chosen to feature a stamp showcasing the artwork of Canadian aboriginal artist Daphne Odjig. 

This stamp features the acrylic painting entitled Spiritual Renewal, which was done by the artist  in 1984.  It is one of the three artworks featured into stamps and released by the Canadian Post early this year.  

Odjig, who was born in 1919 at the Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve on Manitoulin Island to a father of Native descent and an English war bride mother, has championed Canadian cultural diversity and love of her native heritage through her works.  She has received various awards and recognitions for her achievements and passion for the arts.  

Wishing you happy journeys...

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  1. This has a Picasso feel to it. Welcome to Sunday Stamps.

  2. same tayo sis..first time to join Sunday stamp also..nice ng stamp..
    welcome to both of us..

  3. @Bob: Yes, you are right. You should see the rest of the stamps issued in honor of the artist.
    Thanks for visiting!

    @Sheng: Thanks for dropping by!

  4. So much going on in the painting, I think I could look at it for a long time and still find something new.

  5. I like the style and colors of that painting. Welcome to Sunday Stamps.

  6. i always appreciate art of stamps. This one is lovely. Welcome, and thanks for participating.

  7. I do feel like I am being transported into the spiritual world by staring at this stamp. :p

  8. Welcome to Sunday Stamps, I am fairly new too and love it! - This is a lovely stamp; vibrant colours.