Friday, September 9, 2011

A Lovely French Pigeon Loft

I won this wonderful postcard by joining a giveaway at Shiela's postcard blog back in June. I'm definitely a pigeon fancier, so you could just imagine my thrill when I learned that I won one of the beautiful pigeon loft postcards that were up for grabs.

I used to help my elder cousins feed and take care of the pigeons in our grandparents' backyard when I was a kid. My cousins had built a pigeon coop that was almost as big as my room. Of course the loft wasn't as beautiful as the one above, but it nevertheless looked like a small castle to me back then. The stucture was made of wood, tree branches, tin roofs, and wires. There were a lot of little rooms where the birds would lay and nest their eggs. I remember the excitement of taking a peek at the mother pigeons as they warmed their eggs.

Although my grandparents never really approved of my cousins' interest in breeding homing pigeons, they nevertheless tolerated their grandsons' hobby. As for me, I just love watching the pigeons fly out and race. My cousins and I would clap our hands, whistle, and cheer as we craned our necks to watch the amazing spectacle of a group of pigeons mightily flap their wings in unison and fly in perfect formation. :)

Anyway, I also want to share this beautiful stamp that came with the postcard. I adore windows with flower boxes!

Merci beaucoup, Shiela! I hope the card I sent you reaches your mailbox soon.

Wishing you happy journeys...
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  1. Its a beautiful pigeon loft. I stopped in a ch√Ęteau once, well actually the camp-site in the grounds (a not quite as impressive statement, LOL) and they had converted the round pigeon loft into a bar, we had a great evening in there.

  2. How funny it is to see the card again! :) I've been away for a little while so your card most probably is waiting for me when I return.

  3. I'd displace the pigeons and move in!

  4. This makes me miss my grandparents, who in the contrary, loves pigeons and had a pigeon coop themselves. Happy weekend.

  5. that is one very interesting postcard sis. Visiting you here today.

  6. I remember this contest. glad you won!

  7. God bless the hearts of those who decided to build homes for these birds. ^^ It's a noble effort.