Friday, September 2, 2011

Revisiting the Past through a Postcard

I am grateful to Jenny for sending this old Philippine postcard. It's my very first vintage card!

I like how this snapshot of happily smiling women and children carrying clay jars (probably containing water) and other wares shows a glimpse of the way of life in the decades gone past.

I wonder what's the story behind this snapshot. Perhaps the women and children were on their way to the rice fields to bring food and water for their husbands and fathers who were working in the paddies. Perhaps they were on their way to a festivity. Did they fetch water from a nearby spring or river? Wherever they were heading, they sure looked so merry and not all burdened by the weight of the jars.

Jenny said nothing about the card, except that a fellow postcard collector gave her a bunch of vintage Philippine postcards. How I wish I'd be lucky to get my hands on a bunch of lovely vintage postcards, too!

Salamat, Jenny! Thanks for sending this card to my mailbox.

Wishing you happy journeys...

Here's my share for Postcard Friendship Friday


  1. ...and what a fantastic card to start you off on your vintage collection! happy PFF (belated!)

  2. the truth is I really have a bad handwriting... and I feel like the vintage card is sacred to even writer anything on it :)

  3. what an awesome card and sparks interest in learning history.

  4. very nice vintage card! i have a few of those.. hope to get more!