Saturday, August 13, 2011

Siem Reap's City Temple

I'm sharing two amazing postcards sent by Cheerful of Postcrossing Mom.  The postcards feature the most famous architectural Khmer wonder that is the Angkor Wat.

These amazing captures of Siem Reap's city temple made me reminisce my visit to the Kingdom of Wonder back in 2009.  A Cambodian odyssey, as I refer to it, my trip to the land of the Khmers proved to be truly unforgettable.  (See a few snapshots here.)

The Angkor Wat is truly awe-inspiring and I cannot even begin to tell you how magnificent it is.  You have to go and see it for yourself!  I long to come back and experience being transported back in time.

Thanks Mommy Cheerful for the postcards!  I also absolutely love the stamps that you used.

Wishing you happy journeys…

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  1. I like the aerial view because it gives you an idea of the size but the sunrise one is stunning!

  2. Both of the cards are wonderful. Such a special place ... magical and historical. Nice stamps, too! Happy PFF!