Friday, August 26, 2011

Familie Hofmann

Tonie sent me this colorful Dutch postcard in exchange for a map card of one of the main islands of the Philippines. Too bad, she didn't tell me anything about the postcard. I wonder who the Hofmanns are. Are they a famous Dutch family?

I so love the interesting stamps that came along with it! The elephant with earphones is so cute!

Wishing you happy journeys...


  1. Whoever the Hofmans are they look very jolly. I think the elephant is one of the annual child welfare stamps the Dutch issue, it is a wonderful series, so imaginative.

  2. It's a lovely card, it almost looks like an ad for something. You should send a message to the sender and ask.

  3. Great card and then a bonus of such nice stamps.

  4. wonderful card! i looks like some kind of advertisment, they all look so jolly!