Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Postcard Giveaway Winners

I'd like to thank everyone for the warm greetings and for joining my birthday lottery.  
I chose the three lucky winners using the HAT!
Congratulations Alma Lee, Cheerful, and Titish!  Please send me your mailing details.

Wishing you happy journeys...


  1. Wow!!! And yay, I will send you the details and thanks so much for being awesome <3

    Alma Lee

    What a wonderful surprise after coming home from working my 12 hour night shift!!!

  2. yehey...this is the first time i won in any raffle! thanks much sis ciel...God bless your good heart always!

    have a great week ahead...<3

  3. congratulations to the winners!

    hope you can check out the winners of my giveaway, too! musings on meanderings first ever giveaway winner

  4. Looks like you haven't been on for quite some time. It has been sparing for me, too. Just suffice it to say--Happy Birthday, and you are missed. ((hugs))